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Basic URL-rotator without inteligency power
  • Rotate 5 websites
  • Invisible to viewers
  • Point-&-Click simplicity
  • Add, delete, pause URLs
  • NO Pop-Ups
  • NO Banner Ads
  • NO Navigational Frame
  • The Artificial Inteligence appears on stage
  • 4 optimization methods!
  • Detailed stats
  • Higher Commissions
  • Unlimited rotators
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Get it now for 300 members only

    Never Again Over-Promote

    You may over-promote any site/program. What can this mean - Stats show that 95% of the people who join a program have joined after they saw your ad less than 50 times. Real life example - Stats have proven 70% of the people joined Program "A" after they saw the ad less than 10 times.
    So you better limit this over promotion, instead show another ad after he/she has seen the first ad 20, 30 or 100 times. You set the number of times a single person may see your ad before the rotator moves on to the next site. You decide the magic number...

    Why Show Your Ad To People
    Who Already Took ACTION?

    Your website is repeatly visited by people who have already joined the site.
    An Example: I see the ad for this rotator thousands of times, but I will never join it AGAIN. :-) Why would I? So all the people advertising this site are loosing Valuable traffic for every member that has already joined this program.
    You better have something else to promote. Or YOU are wasting your advertising efforts/money.... STOP forcing them to view your ad over and over again. Instead give them something else to join!

    Geo Target Every Single Click

    20% of the programs rotated in Other Rotators that I see are not available for all Countries. So people who advertise are loosing their valuable traffic when they (unavailable countries) see your ad. So they better show another program which is available worldwide.
    Or you can totally eliminate these unavailable countries from your advertising efforts. This allows you to promote only to those that can join. GEO targeted advertising companies charge a bundle for just one campaign we offer unlimited campaigns.

    Benefit From Other People's Efforts

    To the above 3 intelliRotator adds one more Powerfull feature - it is related to the "Over-Promote" problem. Let's say there are 100 users of IR (IntelliRotator) who advertise one and the same program. And let's say one surfer visits their Intellirotaor Link one time per user.
    Now! We already know he has seen the ad 100 times, and has not joined. But EACH IR user has spent just 1 visitor hit EACH (instead of 100 Hits EACH). What a savings!

    It is like cooperative advertising. And when using this power you can go more conservative and set the overpromote limit to 200 or 300. Why? You can afford it easily...

    You don't spend all those 200 or 300 hits...
    If there are other members advertising the same site you only spend 10, 20, 30 hits. I bet the % of people who will join a program after they see it 200 times is close to 0%. And you spend just 2 hits instead of 200 hits to recognize those visitors and show them another ad, that they will be interested in.


    WOW! I often dreamt of such a tool that would allow me to decide.I personally only used rotators for the ability to switch all my advertising to one site in all my advertising from one location.

    Other than that I thought they diluted my efforts too much.

    Your intellirotator solves that problem while taking care of what you call the over-promote problem. I never gave that much thought. I just accepted that as part of doing business.

    You hear from everyone that it takes seven times before anyone takes action. With the old style rotators you could not tell it how many times. They all go from one to the next and next. So how can anyone see it seven times. With this rotator I can REALLY decide what my Magic number is.

    The GEO thing is the true money maker for me. That was what I "thought" was just another part of doing business. I was amazed at the traffic I was wasting by promoting a offer that was not available to that country. This alone doubled my bottom line.

    With the ability to see exactly where my traffic was coming from and where it was going. Well lets just say I would pay ten times what you are charging and still come out ahead in time and advertising costs.

    If every developer cared about the ease of site navigation, visual graphs as you well lets just say life would be so much easier.

    Thanks for Caring,
    Nick Anderson , BlazinHotGroups.com
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